Why I Love Whole Foods

I know, people joke about this place and call it “whole paycheck” yada yada yada. But sometimes it’s worth a little extra for the great shopping experience. For example, on a recent Sunday morning, shopping for a big cookout, I picked up a sixpack of non-alcoholic beer. (I know i know, what’s the point?) I knew there might be a problem because the computer system doesn’t differentiate between NA and regular beer, and this was before noon, when it is illegal to buy alcohol on Sundays in Texas.

Sure enough, the computer didn’t allow the cashier to ring up my beer. I rolled my eyes waiting for the usual, “I’m sorry, but the computer says…” while I know that I could go buy 10 bottles of 11% alcohol cooking wine and the computer wouldn’t bark. But the cashier conferred with a collegue, then a manager, and they ran back and got the price for me. “Just ring it up as cheese,” said the manager. Now that’s using your head and serving the customer. Hell, they may have broken a law or two, but they did right by me. Now if they’d just do something about the $12.99 flank steaks.

Thanks, Whole Foods!

2 Responses to “Why I Love Whole Foods”

  1. Bill says:

    Cool. I used to avoid it myself and then of course he wrote this:
    http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970204251404574342170072865070.html …and then I got attached to their almond butter.

  2. dudecancook says:


    LOL. You’re the only guy i know who can insert political commentary into a cooking blog. Now I’m waiting for my feminist friends to comment on my Italian meatballs recipe, “how can you write about Italian food when Berlusconi is such a sexist pig?”


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