Texas Barbecue Crawl

My brother-in-law hails from San Diego, and has become hooked on Texas barbecue since he had some great smoked brisket at a family reunion a few years back. He was in town over the weekend recently, and spent his day Saturday hitting central Texas barbecue joints in search of the best brisket in Texas.

I’ll have to get him to provide me with a written report, but he hit Kreuz, Smitty’s, and Black’s, all in Lockhart (the self proclaimed barbecue capital of Texas), Luling City Market, in Luling, and South Side Market in Elgin.

This weekend, he found Kreuz’s brisket to be the best, as he got a nice juicy piece with a crispy fat ring around it. At South Side Market, he found the brisket lacking, but also picked up 5 pounds of fresh sausage for me, some of which I smoked last night. Elgin hot sausage from South Side Market is the best i’ve ever had, and I love that I can get it fresh so I can manage the smoking process myself. One thing I love about the sausage there is it is not even tied into links. It’s just foot after foot in a continuous tube. I love curling about 3 feet of that into a spiral on my grill, then just breaking off a piece after smoking it over pecan for an hour.

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