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November 2007

Campground Cooking

You know, I don’t eat a lot of eggs at home, but it seems that when you’re camping, some good breakfast tacos are de rigeur. I think everybody knows how to do this – start with a little chorizo, add some onions and peppers, eggs, and at the last minute, shredded cheese. What’s optional is […]

Dutch Oven Ciabatta

After a few fits and starts, I’ve finally got the Dutch Oven thing down. I’ve moved from burnt-bottomed biscuits to ciabatta. Hell, I even did a batch of brownies on my last camping trip and they turned out perfectly. It’s kinda cool to be at that level of maturity in my dutch oven baking. I’m […]

Pinot Noir

You know, I like Pinot Noir. I liked it before I saw Sideways, too. OK so I buy it a bit more often after I heard the poignant description about the grape’s temperment and potential for excellence from Paul Giamatti’s character. You gotta respect the opinion of any wine connoisseur who loves the sauce so […]