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Seafood Paella

Seafood Paella Paella is one of those iconic dishes of Spain.  Other than sopa de ajo, chorizo, and manchego cheese, I cannot name another classic Spanish dish.  Well, there’s also gazpacho, serrano ham, fried hake, and pisto Manchego.  And don’t forget the tapas.  But really, that’s about it. I first cooked chicken paella with a […]

Sea Bass Filet, Asian Style

You can smoke or grill this.  Sea bass is so good, you don’t need to do much to it in order to have a fantastic meal. It’s a rare indulgence for me, but i felt like being indulgent yesterday when I was at my local grocer. I bought a nice 8 ounce filet, and marinaded […]

Mango Dill Relish

This relish is wonderful if all you do is combine mango and red onion – you could stop right there. The sweetness of the mango counteracts the sharpness of the onion so well that the onion’s natural sweetness and flavor really pop out. For this recipe, I added lemon to get some additional complexity and […]

Dover Sole Marsala

I know I just wrote about Dover sole, but it was so good Saturday that I made it again Monday. So I made it the way I most commonly do – with a balsamic/marsala sauce. Follow the fish recipe as discussed on 28 June, but use Italian bread crumbs for the fish, and no other […]

Dover Sole with Ancho Chile Cream Sauce

Dover Sole is about my favorite fish.  When fresh (or even freshly frozen), it is the sweetest tasting non-fishy fish in the world.  Or at least in my little section of it.  So if you read this recipe and think the sauce sounds too complicated, don’t make the sauce.  I normally bread and fry dover […]

Recipe: Tequila Lime Salmon with Pico de Gallo

I love how a good fresh salsa of any sort complements the flavor of smoked or grilled salmon. I had grilled salmon with a tomatillo salsa in a restaurant last week, and thought, “I can do that!” I did something a bit different, but it was good! (as my Italian friend says, gnam gnam!) 4 […]

Recipe: Seared Sea Bass Steaks with Lemon Butter Sauce

Sea bass is so good that all you really have to do is make sure it’s heated all the way through and then get out of the way and eat it. You could probably just toss a couple of sea bass steaks in the microwave and they would be delicious. Now, I wouldn’t try that, […]

Poached Salmon Steaks with Lemon Butter and Wine Sauce

In general, I prefer salmon filets to the steaks, as the steaks can get too dry. However, I’ve found that poaching keeps them good, moist, and flavorful. This recipe works for three or four steaks and takes about 10 or 15 minutes, so you can prepare all of your side dishes first and do this […]

Chili Smoked Catfish

This is a recipe I’ve borrowed from the Sublime Smoke cookbook. That book is, ahem, sublime. I haven’t smoked in awhile, and I got the hankering for some fish the other day. I needed to feed a large group, so I made it catfish. OK, so call me cheap. I took 7 catfish filets and […]

Smoked Salmon – Sugar and Spice

I gotta tell you, I love smoking. Partly because it sets cooking into slow motion, so you can enjoy the experience for a longer period of time. Kind of like going into a black hole, but without the relativity thing. Another reason is you can more easily avoid screwing up what you’re doing. Think about […]