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Recipe: Tortilla Soup

This is one of my all time favorites, and there are a number of ways to make this, so it’s hard to go wrong.  You can make it very light, to serve as a “cup o’ soup” appetizer, or fill it up with chicken and/or veggies to make a meal out of it. This can […]

Recipe: Dave’s Marinara

I have to admit it – I love pasta.  Real pasta made from durham wheat semolina. I try that whole wheat pasta every now and again, but it just doesn’t taste good.  I’m sorry, guys, but I’m about taste.  Brown rice tastes good.  Whole wheat bread tastes good. Whole wheat pasta? Fuggeddaboutit. This recipe will […]

Sour Dill Pickles

This recipe takes only 2-3 months.   First, go to the nursery, and buy four to six cucumber plants.  Plant, nurture, and wait until you have cucumbers. In all seriousness, I like to grow cucumbers every spring and make my own pickles.  I can occasionally find kirby cucumbers in the grocery store (and it’s even […]

Three Quiches

Mexican Quiche I’ll start with my variation on the theme. I learned to make quiche from a college roommate many moons ago. I’ve since morphed the classic quiche Lorraine recipe into my own adaptation, using the flavors of the southwest that I like so much. The crust. If you want a quick quiche, and you’re […]

Poached Salmon Steaks with Lemon Butter and Wine Sauce

In general, I prefer salmon filets to the steaks, as the steaks can get too dry. However, I’ve found that poaching keeps them good, moist, and flavorful. This recipe works for three or four steaks and takes about 10 or 15 minutes, so you can prepare all of your side dishes first and do this […]

Steamed Pork Dumplings

Here’s my favorite Chinese treat. Maybe when I make it, it’s not so Chinese, but I can always try to emulate the best, can’t I? By the way, if you’re ever in Houston, the Dumpling King restaurant has the best dumplings in town. I used to like Lai Lai Dumpling House, down in Chinatown, but […]

Chili Smoked Catfish

This is a recipe I’ve borrowed from the Sublime Smoke cookbook. That book is, ahem, sublime. I haven’t smoked in awhile, and I got the hankering for some fish the other day. I needed to feed a large group, so I made it catfish. OK, so call me cheap. I took 7 catfish filets and […]

Campground Cooking

You know, I don’t eat a lot of eggs at home, but it seems that when you’re camping, some good breakfast tacos are de rigeur. I think everybody knows how to do this – start with a little chorizo, add some onions and peppers, eggs, and at the last minute, shredded cheese. What’s optional is […]

Dutch Oven Ciabatta

After a few fits and starts, I’ve finally got the Dutch Oven thing down. I’ve moved from burnt-bottomed biscuits to ciabatta. Hell, I even did a batch of brownies on my last camping trip and they turned out perfectly. It’s kinda cool to be at that level of maturity in my dutch oven baking. I’m […]

Pinot Noir

You know, I like Pinot Noir. I liked it before I saw Sideways, too. OK so I buy it a bit more often after I heard the poignant description about the grape’s temperment and potential for excellence from Paul Giamatti’s character. You gotta respect the opinion of any wine connoisseur who loves the sauce so […]