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Texas Barbecue Crawl

My brother-in-law hails from San Diego, and has become hooked on Texas barbecue since he had some great smoked brisket at a family reunion a few years back. He was in town over the weekend recently, and spent his day Saturday hitting central Texas barbecue joints in search of the best brisket in Texas. I’ll […]

Seafood Paella

Seafood Paella Paella is one of those iconic dishes of Spain.  Other than sopa de ajo, chorizo, and manchego cheese, I cannot name another classic Spanish dish.  Well, there’s also gazpacho, serrano ham, fried hake, and pisto Manchego.  And don’t forget the tapas.  But really, that’s about it. I first cooked chicken paella with a […]

Couscous Salad

This is so easy, I’m almost ashamed to be posting it as a recipe. But I’m lazy, which is exactly why I like making variants of this dish. I discovered pearl couscous about a year ago, packaged at Whole Foods under the moniker “Israeli Couscous.” The funny thing is I’ve had couscous a number of […]

Mung Bean Noodle Salad with Tofu

Ever since I bought that Mung vase at a garage sale (I can’t believe the deal I got!), I’ve been wanting to fortify my soul with some mung bean noodles. Also known as glass noodles, or bean thread noodles, these guys come in bundles (sometimes tied with string) in a pink net bag at your […]

Kibbutz Barbecue with a side of World Cup

Last night I had the pleasure of a cookout on a hillside in the north of Israel at a kibbutz with a number of colleagues. Of course, World Cup was playing on the big screen, as we watched Spain defeat Portugal 1-0. The new dish I learned was quite simple. I’ve never been a big […]

Smoky Salsa – First Attempt

I’m drowning in tomatoes over here. The spring garden has been bountiful this year, yielding piles and piles of tomatoes. Some years, I make a big pot of marinara sauce, and this year I decided to try my hand at salsa. It turned out OK, but this recipe definitely needs improvement. First, I’ll share what […]

Fresh Dill Pickles Redux

I made another batch of fresh dill pickles from my garden cucumbers last night.  It’s getting hot and the cucumbers start getting yellowish orange on the vine from the heat, but they still taste great. The recipe is in this blog here. Here’s a picture before adding the liquid. I dropped in a couple of […]

Stuffed Green Peppers

This year, in addition to my regular mix of jalapenos and serranos, I planted some “chocolate peppers.” I had never heard of those. They turned out to be larger in size – about the size of a poblano but the bright green color of bell peppers. Maybe had i let them age on the vine, […]

Sea Bass Filet, Asian Style

You can smoke or grill this.  Sea bass is so good, you don’t need to do much to it in order to have a fantastic meal. It’s a rare indulgence for me, but i felt like being indulgent yesterday when I was at my local grocer. I bought a nice 8 ounce filet, and marinaded […]

Brazilian Black Beans and Rice (Feijoada)

If you want some black beans and rice that will kick any beans and rice recipe’s ass in futbol, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve enjoyed gallo pinto in Costa Rica (wonderful!), pintos and rice in Texas, and the southern Louisiana standard, red beans and rice. Feijoada beats all of them by a score […]